Style Rules

I often talk about the benefits of choosing the right colour clothing but not about which metals are best suited to different complexions. 
If you have cool undertones, silver is best and if you have warm undertones then gold is best. Don’t worry if you have a gold wedding band and 'should' be wearing silver tones. Previously mixing jewellery metals was a fashion faux pas, as I have said before style rules are meant to be broken. You need to be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really love will ever be out of style. The simple trick to mixing metals is to consider the proximity of the pieces and match accordingly.

  • The metal of your watch should correspond to the rings worn on the same hand.

  • Your necklaces and earrings should be the same metals.

  • The hardware on your jacket and belt buckle or handbag should be similar.

If you can’t decide between silver or gold then let designers do the work for you, buy a watch or piece of jewellery that has both metals already mixed!


images: dependwhatdayitis