It's New Year’s Eve!! The one night of the year that is perfect for wearing heels… but does the thought of putting on a pair of stilettos make you nervous? If so, here are my tips to limit the pain and have a fun night;

  • Posture is always key, standing up straight will keep you balanced.
  • Try walking from heel to toe to lessen the impact on the ball of your foot. 
  • Heels naturally make your stride shorter, so you’ll need to walk slowly and take more steps.

Also check the fit of your shoe; 

  • If it’s too tight your foot will cramp and if it is too big your foot will slide forward.
  • The heel placement needs to be centered directly under your heel to provide best support.
  • Consider the sole of your shoe, a thicker sole will absorb some pressure placed on the ball of your foot.
  • Look for a shoe that also provides better coverage, think toe area and ankle straps. 

Finally, don’t think too much about what you’re doing to avoid looking awkward!

image: theyallhateus