Update Your Look

Baroque, it’s starting to appear in stores now. The fashion is inspired by Michelangelo 16th century works of art and the styling plays with textures… think velvets, tapestry appliqués, lace accents and gold. This trend is much easier to wear at night but don’t rule it out for day.

How to make the fashion work for you without looking like you are wearing a costume? Balance your outfits with a flattering baroque styled garment paired back with wardrobe staples.

  • Go for timeless glamour and invest in a rich velvet jacket and wear back with jeans.
  • Choose edgy glam and wear statement brocade trousers paired back with a white shirt.
  • Look for an exquisite dress, always an easy way to pull off the look, think brocade or rich embroideries.
  • Embrace accessories, think gold trimmed opulent earrings or a tapestry clutch.
  • Remember Baroque channels dramatic styling and symbolises wealth and decadence so if you are wearing head to toe, confidence will be key!

image: google