Wardrobe Staples

The blazer is an essential garment in any woman’s wardrobe. Coco Chanel popularised the blazer, giving women slick & chic options in the 1920′s. Today blazers are being seen on the red carpet and on the street, worn by nearly every fashionista. You’ll be amazed at how much it opens up your wardrobe to countless possibilities; a smart blazer adds structure to a laid back look or makes an evening ensemble look glam!

It’s important a blazer fits properly…

  • The shoulder seam should meet with the natural outer edge of your shoulders.
  • Check you can run your hand between the blazer and your body.
  • The sleeve should never go further than the base of your thumb but also not go above your wrist when your arms are stretching out in front.

This season follow Anna Wintour’s lead and wear your jacket slung over your shoulder… A look all the fashionistas adopted during fashion week and the nonchalant look is effortlessly chic!

image: wethepeoplestyle