Dark Denim

Jeans have changed throughout the decades, in the 60’s bleached jeans were popular, the 80’s acid washed was essential; today the wardrobe staple is a dark wash.

 Dark denim is more wearable & flattering and has the ability to be dressed up or down. The only problem with dark denim is trying to keep it as dark as the day you bought them!

So what to do?

  • Don’t wash them at all. Some people recommend that you go without washing your dark jeans for at least six months… to me that sounds crazy!
  • Freeze them after wearing them once or twice. This method can work if your denim is very dark and hard jeans but please don’t do this if they are dirty! Again, not for me…
  • Hang your jeans up and then fill a spray bottle with water and saturate the fabric with it, then allow them to air-dry. If you have the time!
  • Take your dark denim to the dry cleaners. This seems a bit extreme & I always worry about garments returned with a  shine.
  • Rinse your dark denim using a cold delicate cycle, with a pinch of salt. A slight amount of fading will occur over time, but it will only make your denim look natural and lived in. My favourite…

Please never put your dark denim in the dryer! They fade your denim and it will soften the denim leading to looser fitting jeans.


image: theyallhateus