It has become obvious during the Spring 15 RTW collections these past few weeks that the 70s trend will be continuing into next summer. The update? The look on the catwalk has changed from early 70s bohemian glam to the mid - late 70s, with many designers referencing the disco luxe era. How to translate this trend without looking like you are playing dress ups?

  • The easiest way is with an accessory channelling 70s styling. Think long scarf tied around your neck,  oversized sunglasses, stacked heels or bucket bags.
  • Look for key garment shapes from the era but only wear one retro silhouette at a time. Try wide leg pants or culottes, a blazer with wide lapels or a top with a plunging neckline reminiscent of those worn at Studio 54.
  • Garments that reflect key colours and prints from the decade are also an way to create an on trend look. Think orange, tan and burgundy.

image: stylecom

Here is the link to my Pinterest Board with more inspiration from the catwalk.