Style Rules

This week I was asked my thoughts on the controversial “leggings are not pants”  debate… Obviously, leggings are required for exercise but should they been worn for non athletic activities?

As a personal stylist, it is my job to understand a clients personality, lifestyle and to educating them on what garments work for their body and why, not just because I personally don’t like something, everyone is unique. If leggings suit a clients shape and lifestyle then my job is to show them how to wear them in a stylish and flattering outfit.

These are my tips on how to wear leggings.

  • Wear with layered tops to create some volume and shape, ensure they cover your back side and ‘front side’.
  • Look at the fit, leggings that are too tight will show every bulge in your legs and too loose will bunch and cause unflattering lines on your legs.
  • Check the length, leggings should end in the smallest point of your ankle, either just above or below, to visually elongate them.
  • Choose fabrics carefully; thick, matte, plain darker colours are more flattering on. Also consider leggings with panels or vertical stitch details to slim & elongate your legs.
  • Think about your shoes, leggings look great when paired back with boots or low vamp flats.
  • Leggings look great with dresses or skirts, they are a great way to extend their wear into the cooler months.

image: theyallhateus