Tricky Trend

Waiting at the international airport on Thursday morning gave me plenty of time to do some people watching.  I was surprised at how many women disembarking international flights were wearing harem pants.

We see a varied assortment of harem pants each season on the catwalk and I have often thought it was more of a fad than a trend but now I am wondering if they will become more main stream next season. The harem pant is a tricky trend as the drop crotch instantly makes your legs look shorter, so if you are thinking about trying this look here are my tips on making it work for you!

  • Check the drop crotch folds are graceful, neat and even across your body. Avoid harem pants that sag in the center of your leg.
  • Think about proportions, when wearing a loose fitted top, ideally wear a fitted top. If a cropped style top works for your shape it will visually elongate your legs too.
  • Wear heels, they will give you the added height to elongate legs.
  •  Harem pants are a statement piece, so keep accessories to a minimum.
  • Finally, try them on in store. If they don’t feel right when you first look at them in the mirror, there is a good chance they will never look right no matter how you style your outfit!
drop crotch.jpg

image: google