Wardrobe Staples

Finally, the weather is getting warmer, so it’s time to start thinking about packing away your knits. I always recommend clients buy 100% natural fibre knits like wool or cashmere, as they last longer than a synthetic fibre but it also means looking after those investment pieces to maximise your cost per wear.

The biggest mistake clients make when storing knitwear is not cleaning it first. At the end of the season check your knits for any repairs, for example pilling or small holes. I use a battery operated lint remover, but be careful not to press too hard! Fix any holes before washing as they will stretch and get bigger.

After washing, lay flat to dry and when completely dry, fold as little as possible to avoid creases and ideally store on a flat surface. Knits need to breathe so I don’t recommend using vacuum bags as they may trap moisture. I also love lavender scented wooden balls to store near my knits as a natural remedy to prevent moths.


image: pinterest