Wardrobe Staples

During a recent wardrobe consultation I reminded a client “to take a moment to adjust your straps after washing your bra”.  A well fitted bra has many benefits, including making you look slimmer and your clothes will fit and look better too.

I can remember my Grandmother hand washing her bras and hanging them in the bathroom to dry. Even today, this is still best practice for caring for your bras; it keeps the shape and colour and prolongs their life… For convince I machine wash mine, but not with my general laundry.

How do I care for my bras? I do the clasp up at the back, put inside a lingerie bag & wash on a delicate cycle using washing liquid that doesn’t have bleach.

But I do agree with my Grandmother and line dry my bras… the extreme heat of clothes dryers will ruin your bra!

image: theyallhateus