My grandmother came from that era when you’d never leave the house without putting on your lipstick. Is this an old fashion rule that isn’t relevant with our busy lifestyles? Everyone has a point of view; I believe that unless you have a lot of pigment in your lips then you should be wearing lipstick or a coloured lip gloss every day.

There are many benefits of wearing lipstick or gloss…

  • Colour on your lips affects the colour of your eyes, wear the right shade and your eyes will look more intense.
  • Lipstick makes your eyes look bigger when the colour is intensified.
  • Lipstick protects & moisturises your lips.
  • Lipstick lights up your smile and makes your teeth look whiter.
  • By putting a colour on your lips that compliments your skin tone it will make your face look brighter and skin clearer.
  • Lipstick makes your face look slimmer; the colour will draw attention to the centre of your face creating a more slender shape.
  • Adding a pop of colour to the pout makes any outfit look instantly polished.
  • Finally, the greatest benefit of wearing lipstick, you will feel more confident about the way you look, but it can take time to get use to having colour on your face!

image: le21eme