Style Rules

Recently a client asked  if she could wear open toed shoes with tights, my opinion… In the 80s when the power woman wore sheer pantyhose, wearing hosiery with open toed shoes was a fashion faux pas! Now in 2013, times have changed… yes, you can wear hosiery with open toed shoes but only if you choose the right hosiery and type of footwear.

Sounds like it could be a disaster? Then stick to the following rules,

  • Choose the right shoe. The best styles have thick straps or decent foot coverage, a heel or wedge is a must. Open toe flats worn with hosiery doesn’t translate to a chic look!

  • Pick the right hosiery. Wear opaque or thick tights in neutral colours, think black, grey or navy, without a seam at the toe.

  • Walk with confidence and good posture!

image: jakandjil