Wardrobe Staples

This year the Milan Fashion Week couldn't be stopped by a little rain or snow. So with only a few weeks until winter, it’s time to look at some wet weather style lessons from the front row fashionistas.

  • No wet weather wardrobe is complete without a waterproof jacket. Choose a style to flatter your figure and best suit your climate. A trench is a classic piece that works well in most wardrobes.
  • Wet weather calls for practical footwear…  a pair of leather boots or gumboots. Avoid suede or materials that suffer water damage, remember unprotected leather can get ruined in the rain too.
  • When the rain falls on fashion week, the streets become a sea of chic, black umbrellas. Umbrellas can get lost and damaged easily, so consider this as some might not be worth the price tag!
  • Unexpected showers? In the absence of an umbrella, the chicest fashionistas have been protecting their hair by wearing scarves in the ‘Kelly’ knot – wrapped around the head, around the neck and tied at the back, in the style of Grace Kelly.
  • Finally, consider adding some colour to your wet weather wardrobe, it is a good way of keeping your spirits high when the weather is grey and cloudy.

image: streetpeeper