Ask The Stylist

It’s spring and the Racing Carnival is just around the corner! Creating an outfit doesn't have to be stressful, just learn how to express your own style, be yourself and you will look amazing!

Here are my tips to create that perfect outfit.

  • Always pay attention to the dress code of the day. For example, Derby Day dress is traditionally black & white or Oaks Day is Ladies Day so think about creating a more feminine look.

From there you need to decide if you are going to wear a classic dress or an on trend garment, think jumpsuit or off the shoulder top.  

A dress is the traditional garment of choice for race wear. 

  • Find a style to suit your body shape and don’t be afraid of colour, pattern or texture.
  • Remember the races are held during the day, so the dress needs to be day appropriate and not an evening dress.
  • The most important rule to consider when wearing a dress is higher the heel, the longer the skirt length.

If you are thinking about an on trend garment, give it a more classic and graceful race wear feel by wearing it in a neutral colour.   

Whatever your choice, remember to keep it modest. If you are legs are covered then you could expose shoulders and décolletage, if you are wearing a shorter skirt then ideally your chest would be covered.

Accessories are essential to creating a race day outfit and can make or break your look. 

Matching accessories are key for race day. Only two of the three needs to match, the third needs to colour coordinate with your dress. Think matching your shoes and handbag with colour coordinated fascinator or match handbag and hat keeping shoes neutral or colour coordinated with your dress.

  • When selecting head wear it should complement your head shape and facial features but most importantly work back with the details and styling of your dress.
  • As traditional race wear is all about feminine elegance, it is best to tie your hair back in a chignon or ponytail. This will also allow your head wear to be the focus and create a balanced look.
  • The races are about sophistication so a clutch or smaller scale bag is a must. It needs to be large enough to fit a few necessities; think money, lipstick and train ticket and allows you to be hands free. Consider either a strap or a clutch that can be tucked under your arm, then you’ll be able to hold champagne in one hand and form guide in the other!

The most important accessory for a day at the races is shoes; they must be comfortable whilst also looking elegant.

  • Consider wedges or stacked heels, not only easier to stand in, they will not sink into the grass like a stiletto heel.
  • If your shoes are new, make sure they are worn enough not to run the risk of a blister on race day.


  •  Keep your make up fresh and ensure it compliments your outfit. 
  • When it comes to fake tan, remember less is more.
  • Watch the weather in the days leading up to race day. If it is going to be a fine day, then sunscreen will be essential. If the forecast is for inclement weather, then invest in a clear plastic umbrella to ensure your head wear can still be seen but not damaged by the rain. 

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If you would like more outfit inspiration, have a look at my Pinterest Board, how to: race wear.