Fashion Cycles

Fashions come in 20 year cycles, so just when you think you are on trend, there will always be something new and perhaps not expecting! Fashion Week shows the past several seasons have made it clear that PVC and Perspex are on the radar. This season many designers used plastic materials, making it look like the next best thing when it comes to accessories and in some cases, clothing.

When I first saw these plastic accessories, I was a little skeptical thinking it might not translate to the high street but watching the concrete catwalks and stores, it has!

These styles could either be the most practical or impractical trend for you! A transparent accessory could potentially be the most versatile piece you own, it’s edgy, elegant & effortless and will coordinate with everything in your wardrobe! Or perhaps you have already done this trend and it’s not for you! Being a mother of young children, I am not sure the contents of my handbag are glamorous enough to have on display, so I’ll keep looking for more practical ways to interpret the trend!

image: aspareandapair