Trend v Fad

Finally, cold enough to start thinking about wearing some layers and this season it’s all about the coat. The exciting news is there are no rules when it comes to deciding on fabrications, fur or leather, bright or neutral, plain or pattern, the choice is yours! But there are two key silhouettes to consider, voluminous or waist cinching.

The oversized coat, think cocoon or boyfriend, is part of the trend towards architectural references in clothing. The key to wearing this look is balance; ensure the rest of your outfit consists of slim line garments.

The sleek fitted coat, think classic or feminine silhouettes, is flattering for most body shapes. This style is a good investment piece; look for beautifully cut garments in quality fabrics. Try styling this season with a contrast belt, either print or colour, remembering to keep the belt the same scale as the coat – thick coat, wider belt.

images: collagevintage, wethepeople