Tricky Trend

If you look hard enough during any fashion week, you’ll see leopard prints. So perhaps incorporating a bit of animal into your wardrobe is more of a classic than a trend.

How to make this look work for you without feeling like a stuffed animal and remain tasteful?

The key to creating a stylish leopard outfit is choosing just one animal accessory or garment. Most importantly consider fabric, think luxe fabrics, like silk, to ensure your look remains chic.

Once you have your perfect leopard piece, try the following outfit options…

  • This season wear your leopard with bright colours.
  • If you feel confident, work leopard back with other prints or stripes.
  • Try the classic combinations of neutrals or black & white.
  • As always the easiest way to incorporate leopard is as an accessory but avoid matching your shoes or bag.

Remember, less is more when it comes to leopard prints.

image: atlanticpacific