Update Your Look

Mumsy, adjective, out of fashion or drab

Everyone has their own personal style and when we put on clothes that are ‘us’, we instantly feel good. It’s easy to fall into the trap when you have children to dress for practicality and sometimes it becomes possible to lose touch with your own identity.

Is there a chance you could be Mumsy?

1.    Have you stopped accessorising your outfits?
2.    When getting dressed do you go for practicality every time?
3.    Can you name a fashion trend for Summer 2015?

I understand Mums, especially new Mums, are time poor. There are different priorities and perhaps less disposable income to spend on themselves, that looking good is often at the bottom of the ‘to do’ list. 

But there are benefits to spending some well deserved time on you... You’ll feel good about yourself and with increased self esteem and confidence the daily challenges will seem easier.

How to avoid looking Mumsy?

1.    Choose stylish footwear, flats don’t need to be frumpy and sneakers have never been more on trend.
2.    Add an accessory, a necklace, scarf or statement ring; it will make your outfit look considered.
3.    Try mixing it up, remember opposites attract; so add a denim jacket to that floral dress or wear a pair of converse back with a denim skirt.
4.    Consider makeup, nothing over the top, perhaps a lip gloss & mascara; it will create a pulled together look.
5.    Look after your grooming; keep nails short and embrace a flattering hairstyle that is easy for you to maintain.

If you feel in a style rut and want to revamp your outfits, try to find time to give your wardrobe an overhaul... perhaps you could invest in my services to help you through the process!


image: katewaterhouseinstagram