Style Tips

Effortless chic... you know, those women we see in magazines and our social media feeds that always look amazing. Really, it is a bit of a contradiction because looking chic or stylish actually requires some effort!

How to create that pulled together look without appearing like you’ve tried too hard?

  • Know your style personality, only buy things that you love and make you feel amazing every time you wear them.
  • Understand what flatters your body shape and have the confidence to avoid trend items if they don’t work for you.
  • Keep your outfits simple but always use an accent piece to complete the look, think  a statement shoe, handbag or a signature necklace.
  • Always dress appropriately, you don’t want to look overdressed as this will instantly suggest you’ve tried too hard.
  • Good grooming habits will complete your effortlessly chic image.

image: likefreshlaundry