Wardrobe Staples

Recently I had the opportunity to read Ines de la Fressanges book ‘Parisian Chic, A Style Guide’ again. It started me thinking about the French wardrobe philosophy.

The principle is similar to a creating a capsule wardrobe which uses the theory ‘less is more’. Both a capsule wardrobe and a French wardrobe are built on a core of great basics but that’s where the similarities end.  The French wardrobe concept limits you to buying only 5 accent or trend pieces a season. This does include accessories but it doesn't include shoes!

So what are the benefits to building a French wardrobe?

1.    A carefully curated wardrobe is a luxury that takes time and skill.
2.    Your wardrobe will expand slowly in a sensible, sustainable way.
3.    It will create a wardrobe with lasting appeal.
4.    You will think more about your style personality.
5.    You will shop with purpose and become more selective with purchases.


image: modernlegacy