Ask The Stylist

When I tell people I am a personal stylist, I get mixed reactions... generally people are concerned that working with a stylist is expensive or that it would be an intimating experience.

Firstly, I am not expensive, especially when you consider how much money you have potentially spent on the wrong garments or accessories.

Secondly, these are some other benefits to working with me,

1.  You’ll shop more effectively as I know the shops with the best product for you, so you don’t waste time searching for that perfect garment.
2.  You will no longer buy things you don’t need as I’ll educate you on what are good purchases for your body shape and colourings.
3.  I’ll suggest different ways to wear the garments selected for you so you have more outfit options.
4.  You’ll have increased confidence about the way you look.
5.  Shopping will become an enjoyable experience for you!


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