Wardrobe Staples

We have all read the articles about ‘The Top 10 Wardrobe Basics’ and I agree, you do need a core of basic garments and accessories to make your wardrobe work. But as for the items listed in the articles, I find it changes for every client I meet... Not everyone needs a white shirt, a little black dress or a trench. Your wardrobe essentials are unique and are influenced by your style personality, lifestyle requirements and sometimes climate.

There are similar attributes to look for when buying wardrobe basics, so next time you are shopping consider the following;

  • The most important quality of a wardrobe essential is versatility. Does it work with a variety of outfits? Think a jacket that works back with skirts, pants or jeans.
  • A wardrobe basic needs to be good quality look at both fabrication and garment construction.  This will mean it wears well, which is very important as this garment gets maximum cost per wear.
  • It should be simple in styling, so it never really goes out of fashion.

image: pinterest