How times have changed... when I first starting working in retail, shops were only open on Saturday mornings and never on a Sunday! Now with online shopping, stores are open every minute of the day and we have access to shops from all over the world. There are benefits to buying online but no one enjoys the hassle of returning things that aren’t quite right.

Here are my tips for your next online purchase;

  • Know your measurements and check the size charts. All retailers have different sizing, so don’t assume you’re always a ‘large’.
  • Check the fabrication, it may look like silk but is actually polyester. If you are not sure have a look at some of your existing garments fabrications for ideas as to how it might actually look.
  • Consider any special information about washing instructions. Dry cleaning or hand wash only may influence your decision to buy.
  • Most websites now have reviews. Always read them as they will help you understand what to expect regarding size, fit and quality of material.
  • Some websites now have runway images so you can see exactly how it looks on the body.
  • Always check the returns policy, no matter how careful you are with size and materials, the colour may not be as you expected.

image: google