It’s that time of year again when all the new season fashions are in store. Which means shopping... but have you ever thought about your shopper personality? 

Elite Shopper
•    You love shopping.
•    You are prepared to pay for quality.
•    You enjoy the finer things in life.
Shopping tip: consider buying only what you need.

Strategic Shopper
•    You are a savvy shopper.
•    Value for money is important.
•    You carefully research your investment.
Shopping tip: try not to feel guilty about your purchases.

Impulse Shopper
•    You live in the moment.
•    You have budget blowouts.
•    You love a bargain, lots of them!
Shopping tip: put it on hold and see if you still need it after a couple of hours.

Avoidance Shopper
•    You don’t spend time in shops unless you have to.
•    You only buy what you need.
•    There is always something else you would rather be doing.
Shopping tip: reduce the stress; book a personal shopping trip with me!

image: google