Update Your Look

Whether you call it a baker boy, poor boy or page boy, this hat is having a moment… again. In the early 20th century, it was a staple for news boys and working class citizens, but has since been adopted by editors and fashionistas as the must have accessory. But sometimes finding a flattering hat is tricky… So, what to consider before investing in this trend?

The colour needs to complement your natural skin tones as it reflects on your face. If black doesn’t flatter your complexion then consider charcoal, navy or camel.

Next you need to consider the size, shape, width and length of the hat.

  • The size needs to work in harmony with your head, if you’re petite avoid a larger silhouette.
  • The width and length of hat needs to work in proportion, not overwhelm your face. if you have a larger head, look for styles with more width.
  • The shape of the hat needs to complement your facial features, if you have angular features consider a slightly angular crown.

And as always, confidence will be key when wearing this look!

images: my pinterest board, trending: baker boy hat