“My online style consultation has really helped me to know how to dress to highlight my better features and disguise those I do not like, plus a lot of other helpful and useful information so I knew why certain styles just did not suit me." I highly recommend this affordable service.”

Kerilee, Online Style Consultation

“Thanks so much for your insight. I finished rearranging my wardrobe and have been enjoying new outfits ever since… so going to wear all the new outfit combinations. Thanks for your style notes, will read them and apply. It was so much fun!!!”

Tammy, Carnegie

“Thank you so much for all your time and effort today. I was so thrilled with all my clothes and looking forward to wearing them!! It was a delight to spend the time with you and I hope to have another session before too long.”

Amanda, Hawksburn

“And a big thank you for being you. I know you have intentionally made your service affordable and we are all so grateful because I know it has meant that a lot of us have had access to something that we wouldn’t have invested in ourselves for otherwise. I am enjoying a renewed interest in my wardrobe thanks to you, having so much fun with looks again! I tried a boho look the other week and used all the ‘rules’ you had given me, so helpful and practical."

Sharon, Red Hill

"I'm really looking forward to going shopping and actually knowing what I'm looking for! The Online Style Consultation notes and tips will make shopping so much easier... And being a Mum, I don't get much time to go shopping! Having your advice has helped me get out of my style rut and try some new combinations as well. I can't thank you enough; I really appreciate your help."

Pip, Hunter Valley

"Really appreciate all your help - you are amazing! I feel so much more confident heading off knowing I have exactly the right wardrobe... Can't wait to work together again!"

Catherine, Malvern East

"Thanks so much for your amazing work this morning! You are brilliant... you gave me the shopping experience form 'Pretty Woman' with a real life budget. For someone who hasn't really enjoyed shopping since I was a 20 year old, I was very impressed."

Susan, Glen Iris

"My appreciation & thanks for helping me find the perfect dress... And for your always prompt, thoughtful and valued style advice."

Cathryn, Malvern

"Thank you so much for all your support with my new wardrobe. I feel so much better and I really don't feel like it was hard or expensive. Wow, I really, really, really do love your work! I think you are amazing!

Viv, Perth

"Thanks SO MUCH for the detailed information you provided. I'm really looking forward to going shopping with some clear ideas/guidelines in mind and seeing what I find."

Natasha, Online Style Consultation

“I thought you'd appreciate a progress report 6 months later… Our session has changed so much about the way I feel about clothes (less is more) and getting dressed now is so much quicker, so is shopping... now black and white are off the list! I have just got home with two pairs of boots I love and have added them to the new shirt and jumper that I also love and I want to thank you so so much for all your advice and time. I now have things in my wardrobe that I really enjoy wearing and feel good in. I have culled heaps and I am so happy to let things go that don't work for me. Thanks for being the voice in my head… Getting dressed is fun!!”

Sharon, St Andrews Beach

"Thanks so much for helping me out and steering me in the direction of great purchases that I wouldn't have had the confidence of choosing on my own for myself. You are so talented and I'm so thankful for your endless advice. You make coming up with a wardrobe for work so much less stressful! You're the best!!"

Rebecca, Bunyip

"If it is true that presentation is everything, then a wardrobe consultation with Katherine is a non-negotiable necessity.  Even if that is not true, I cannot recommend Katherine’s wardrobe consultation highly enough for boosting your self-confidence – by ensuring you wear clothes that bring out the best of what nature has given you – and ultimately saving your hip-pocket (excuse the pun).  Katherine is professional, direct and candid: she wasted no time in clearing my wardrobe of clothes that didn’t work and identifying gaps that needed plugging.  Crucially, Katherine explained the visual trickery that can be achieved by wearing the right clothes.  Her eye for detail is amazing and she clearly articulated why certain clothes worked for my body and others did not, kindly highlighting the positive features of my shape that I can accentuate with the right garments. After the consultation, Katherine gave me brilliant notes to remind me of all her tips and she was so accessible to answer all of my queries and produce examples of clothes to further clarify what I need to be looking for.  Now I feel empowered to make wise future investments for my wardrobe and stop wasting money on items that might be fashionable, but don’t suit me."

Gaby, Malvern East

"Thank you for your help with all things wardrobe. What you offer means so much more than fashion advice. It's about putting your best foot forward and feeling really confident in whatever body you have... feeling and looking your best! Thank you for teaching me so much about quality purchases and strategic wardrobing, if that makes sense!" 

Sandra, Ashburton

"Thank you for your time yesterday and for this fantastic report. I really enjoyed learning about what works and what to look for... I also feel more confident about creating new options within my existing wardrobe, without the need to keep adding!"

Fiona, Glen Iris

"Thanks heaps! Love my style notes thanks!! I have already found it easier when browsing online!!"

Sharon, St Andrews Beach

" Wow! My own personal style bible! Thank you so much... A comprehensive guide to help me look my best... Love the mix & match outfit pages, I want to buy it all!'

Scarlet, Online Style Consultation

"I found the wardrobe consultation amazing and feel so much better about knowing what works and what doesn't. The style notes will be really helpful to refer back to time and time again. I think you do an amazing job and are obviously very passionate about helping people as it comes through in your work. I can't thank you enough for your individualised help... Great meeting you and I think you are in your perfect field doing a wonderful job."

 Rose, Murrumbeena

"Thank you so much for helping me to plan a travel wardrobe for my recent five week trip. Having items that mixed and matched gave me so many options to play with and let me feel 'put together' each day while not having to carry a heavy suitcase around!

Honor, Malvern East

"Thank you again for our session and these great style notes. As I mentioned, I feel so good to have cleaned out my wardrobe. It’s great to be able to see what I do have available to wear."

Georgia, Armadale

" Thanks again for all your help and guidance!  It was a great learning experience for me and your input has been very much received. I have plenty more confidence now. I'm very lucky to have found a great stylist!"

Anushka, Hawthorn

"Amazing! I was so excited to receive my online style consultation in the mail... Thank you for advice on how to keep the black in my wardrobe!"

Megan, Online Style Consultation

“I had no idea what my skin tone and ideal colour palette was, that there was a reason I felt like I was in mourning when I wore black (but still wore black), that skinny jeans aren't for everyone (even if you are skinny) or the ideal compliment should be “you look great”, as opposed to I really love that top. I have learned the key design elements to look for to enhance my features and to be a more discerning shopper, mindful of how a new purchase adds to the rest of my wardrobe. I am now excited when a purchase ticks all my criteria, think about how it adds to my wardrobe and how I can get more wears out of key items by coordinating for different looks. Thank you Katherine for putting some joy back into getting dressed each day!”

Michelle, Melbourne

“Thanks again, so much fun to hit the shops with someone that knows what to look for….gosh I’ve been way too hasty in the past with some of my purchases as I’m always rushing to get back to do something else!

Sarah, Malvern East

“Katherine, a very big thank you for our 90 minute wardrobe consultation. Your advice and clear style notes, specific to my shape and colourings has left me armed to make smarter wardrobe investments in the future. I’m already counting the savings!!”

Kate, Ashburton

“Thank you SO much for tonight – I had an absolutely blast. It’s so great to go shopping with someone who understands my style and who I can trust won’t let me purchase something unless it looks fab!! Thank you!”

Beth, St Kilda

“Thanks so much for your guidance and advice… it’s given Mum some confidence and greater awareness about what to look for in general when shopping, as well as some important help for getting the right outfit for our wedding prepared.”

Kristy, Seaford

“Thanks so much for today. Can’t believe how much we achieved! Very excited to start wearing all my clothes!”

Kate, Malvern

“Thank you again for your services today – loved all your ideas!  Before I met you I looked at the wardrobe in despair.  Now I am so excited to try out your suggestions! I will do my best to hang with more care and stick to the organisational system.”

Michelle, Murrumbeena

“Cost per wear… have definitely paid for my denim jacket. I’ve literally lived in it as it pretty much goes with everything! You know I wasn’t sure at first but now I love it! As if you could be wrong… THANK YOU!!”

Justine, Malvern East

“I have been inspired and understand much more now about why something appeals to your eye but maybe not when you put it on!  I have still bought things in the past even though I wasn’t sure if they suited me, I won’t do that again… It is great to see you doing something you are very passionate about.” 

Danielle, Langwarrin

“Just wanted to say a big THANKS!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the suit! It was a very wise investment. Thanks again!!!!! You make shopping so incredibly easy, efficient and effective!!!”

Vivian, Parkdale

“Thank you for coming here – I already feel SO much more organised, knowing what to look for/what not to look for, and I love my 2 rubbish bags full of unsuitable clothes which were just cluttering up my cupboard, and the girls’ cupboard too!!”

Karen, Malvern East

“How can I thank you enough for all that you have done for me? Thanks so much for everything… You really are great at what you do and I know that anyone would feel soo comfortable in your presence and getting advice from you.”

Rebecca, Cranbourne North

“Absolutely loving my purchases …thank you!”

Linda, Mulgrave

“Thank you so much for your kind words, you do a great job of pointing out someone’s good points, and I have already started to put your advice to practice, and getting positive feedback from the family!”

Melissa, Armadale

“… I’m loving my Jeans West maternity jeans!! I have had some fantastic compliments on my ‘new’ wardrobe and I’m enjoying knowing the right things to purchase and my new colours.”

Clare, Heathmont

“It was great fun! Made acquiring basics a joy!!! Thanks again.”

Elizabeth, Malvern East