Update Your Look

Whether you call it a baker boy, poor boy or page boy, this hat is having a moment… again. In the early 20th century, it was a staple for news boys and working class citizens, but has since been adopted by editors and fashionistas as the must have accessory. But sometimes finding a flattering hat is tricky… So, what to consider before investing in this trend?

The colour needs to complement your natural skin tones as it reflects on your face. If black doesn’t flatter your complexion then consider charcoal, navy or camel.

Next you need to consider the size, shape, width and length of the hat.

  • The size needs to work in harmony with your head, if you’re petite avoid a larger silhouette.
  • The width and length of hat needs to work in proportion, not overwhelm your face. if you have a larger head, look for styles with more width.
  • The shape of the hat needs to complement your facial features, if you have angular features consider a slightly angular crown.

And as always, confidence will be key when wearing this look!

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When investing in white jeans look for styles that skim not cling to your body and check the fabric thickness, anything transparent is not flattering on any body!



The skinny jean, it's a wardrobe staple and favourite fit for many but the unforgiving style is making way for more voluminous silhouettes. Not ready to give up your skinnies? I understand not every trend is for every body but consider the new wide leg silhouette it's comfortable, relaxed and the cropped versions work with all footwear options!

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Fashion Week

Although we are only half way through 2017 & freezing, the fashion calendar has skipped ahead to Resort 2018. So what newness should we expect to see in stores for summer?

You'll start to see the return of western influences, 

Grecian dresses,

And with all things Grecian returning, Karl Lagerfeld made it clear on the Chanel catwalk that gladiator sandals will be back too!

Spring florals are inspired by the tropics,

and denim silhouettes are becoming wider.

Bright colour will also return for the warmer weather. It was seen worn monotone, together or as an accent against neutrals.

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Style Tips

Do you feel like you're in a style rut? Instead of buying something new, consider different colour combinations to create new looks.

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Update Your Look

When it comes to fashion, everything old is new again and retro kicks are experiencing a massive revival. The simple silhouettes translate easily to on-trend colours and materials, which means there’s a pair for every style personality.

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First appearing on the Fall15 runways, it hasn’t taken long for the sock boot to appear on the high street. The combination of sock & ankle boot is available in a variety of textures & lengths and will work in harmony with most of your wardrobe.

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Wardrobe Staples

As the weather starts to cool, don't sacrifice your style while waiting for school pick ups or on the sporting sidelines, instead invest in a variety of outwear to survive the season. Here are five key outerwear shapes every Mum should have in her winter wardrobe and what to look for when making your next purchase.

The Denim Jacket

The perfect item for trans-seasonal dressing, the denim jacket never goes out of style. The sightly fitted silhouette complements all body types but as they come in a variety of lengths, ensure you find the right hemline for you. The classic colour, faded blue, is the perfect wardrobe addition to dress up your basics or alternatively, give your dressier items a casual feel.

The Bomber Jacket

With all things athleisure being chic, the bomber jacket is back in fashion. It creates an effortless sporty edge and is a great alternative to a denim jacket, instantly make an outfit look more casual. The traditional bomber silhouette is oversized, so correct fit is important, especially around your shoulders.  The bomber jacket is this seasons must have item, from embroidered florals or aviator inspired shapes, there will be one to suit your unique personal style.

The Military Anorak

A silhouette that never goes out of style, the utilitarian design of a military jacket adds an effortlessly cool look to your wardrobe staples. The most flattering styles have drawcords at the waist and slimmer sleeves that visually create shape when wearing winter layers. The customary colour, khaki or olive green, compliments both bright and neutral colours making the military anorak easy to wear in all seasons.

The Trench

Originally developed as an army coat, the trench coat has evolved into a chic yet practical coat for women. It works in almost any climate, is comfortable and transitions easily from day to night. When investing in a trench it’s important to choose a button style that flatters your frame and check the fit, especially around your shoulders. A classic beige trench is chic but also consider a brighter colour, think red or cobalt blue, that works across all seasons.

The Puffer

Although the puffer jacket has a reputation for being more functional than flattering, it doesn’t need to be the case. To avoid overwhelming your frame, look for slimline styles with diamond or chevron shaped stitches that will visually slim and elongate your body. The puffer jacket comes in a variety of lengths, so consider your height and buy a hemline to suit your portions. With the puffer jacket becoming more popular, the colour choices are too, so it will be easy to buy one that enhances your natural complexion instead of conventional black.

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Fashion Week

February is over, the month of fashion weeks has come and gone... In contrast to previous Fall collections there was a move away from minimalist tendencies to a more diverse direction for next winter. So, with the shift what trends should you invest in now that you’ll be able to wear later?


Metallic, especially silver



You'll also start to notice pieces, both garments and accessories, with elements inspired by the 1970s, so consider injecting these trends into your wardrobe too!


Earth tones, think toffee, camel & caramel

Knee High Boots

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Update Your Look

The blazer is a wardrobe staple but it’s days of being associated with corporate two-piece suits is over; instead these structured jackets have become a style staple of their own. This winter many of the seasons key trends easily translate to the blazer silhouette and are surprisingly versatile to wear. If you're thinking about updating your blazer this season, consider these different directions.



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Tartan, in particular the Prince of Wales, was the key print of the Winter 2016 collections & fashionistas have been quick to adopt this trend on the street. Perfect for winter, tartan easily translates across all garment types, so this season you’ll find a piece that will suit both your unique style personality and lifestyle.

For more outfit inspiration have a look at my pinterest board: trending: tartan.

Update Your Look

As you know, the easiest way to update your look is with an accessory and this season it’s all about the fishnet. They are no longer considered rebellious or super sexy but are being added to daytime outfits, creating an on trend & textured look.

Have a look at my pinterest board, trending: fishnet for more outfit inspiration.

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Who hasn't bought clothes that end up hanging unworn in your wardrobe? Even if the clothing fits well when you're trying it on, there are other factors to consider in the change room before making a purchase to avoid buyer’s remorse.

  • Look at the care instructions. Will you really separately hand wash the item? Dry clean only? You’ll need to consider the additional cost & hassle of a visit to the cleaners.
  • When you’re standing in front of the mirror, it may fit but how does it look and feel when you sit, bend or raise your arms?
  • Test the fabric. Do you find it comfortable to wear? Does the fabric crease easily? Run your finger across the fabric, does it mark easily?
  • Check all the zippers work, the buttons in place and there are no loose threads.

And as always,

  • Do I really LOVE it?
  • Do I already have something similar?
  • Will this work with other pieces in my wardrobe?

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Wardrobe Staple

Whether you’re a handbag fanatic or an accessories minimalist, the everyday handbag is a wardrobe staple... and probably the hardest working item in your wardrobe! So it's important to find one that's affordable & right for you. Here are my tips for finding the perfect handbag.

  • Look for a handbag that expresses your unique personal style. If your style is classic, a hobo handbag looks great with simple chic outfits or if your style is romantic a clutch adds a feminine flair to your outfit.
  • Choose a colour that complements your wardrobe. A neutral handbag, think navy or tan, works back with brighter clothing or a handbag in a pop of colour, think pink or red, works well with a monochrome wardrobe.
  • The size of the bag should work in harmony with your silhouette. A larger bag can overwhelm a petite frame or a small bag can be lost on a taller frame.
  • The most flattering handbag shape is one that is opposite to your body, if you are curvy consider a more angular handbag or if have an athletic figure look for more rounded styles.
  • It's important to think about the length of the handbag; where you hold your handbag visually draws attention to that area. If you want your waist to be the focus wear your handbag on your shoulder or if you want to highlight your legs hold the bag low.

The bag featured is from Caramel x Co, it's the Monaco Hobo Bag in French Navy and is reduced to only $59.95!


Wardrobe Staple

The white shirt, it's a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style. But how to update the classic silhouette? Take inspiration from the concrete catwalk...

Try tying a knot at the front,


or at the back.

Consider tying it off the shoulder,

or wrapping it at the front.


Have a look at my pinterest board: buy less, think more: white shirt for more outfit inspiration.

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Tricky Trend

Velvet is set to be one of the biggest trends this coming winter, it’s luxurious and sophisticated but worn incorrectly, it can look matronly or even like you are going to fancy dress party! So how to wear this tricky trend & add a touch of glam to your wardrobe?

  • Simple silhouettes are key; think blazer, slip dress or skirt.
  • Keep your outfit looking effortless, only wear one velvet piece at a time.
  • Balance the luxe feel of velvet with raw fabrics like denim or leather.
  • Consider pairing velvet with contrasting textures; think cashmere knits and jersey tops or silk blouses and satin shirts.
  • Keep accessories simple as velvet makes enough of a statement.
  • As always, confidence will be essential!

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Update Your Look

White shoes, especially sneakers, have been trending for the past few seasons and luckily, they are no longer considered trashy as they were in the 80s. This season you’ll find them in every shoe silhouette, from sandals to stilettos or block heels to brogues, they are the perfect way to update your look.

Have a look at my pinterest board: trending: white shoes for more outfit inspiration.

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Wardrobe Staple

The hat, not only does it provides protection from the sun and cover up bad hair days, it’s also the ultimate summer accessory! There is such a vast range to choose from this season, think…

Wide Brim Straw Hats

Boater Hats

Man Style Hats

Bucket Hats


With so many options in store this summer season, all you have to do is choose a style that compliments your face shape & complexion!

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Tricky Trend

Ruffles are still trending but how to pull off the flounce and look like an adult, not your daughter? It’s all about finding the right balance.

Consider the colour of the garment, modern neutrals or prints keep the silhouette looking fresh... think khaki or navy and stripes or gingham.


Think about your fabric choice, a dramatic or structured ruffle creates a more sophisticated look.


Pair the ruffle back with simple or androgynous elements, denim and leather instantly dress down or toughen up a pretty look.


Let the ruffle be the statement and minimise accessories.


As always, confidence will be key!

images: camilleovertherainbow, glamradar, louloumagazine, they all hate us

Buy Less, Think More

When I'm in a client’s wardrobe, I often suggest they think about the Jil Sander quote ‘buy less, think more’. Needless to say, I get mixed reactions! I’m not suggesting they should have a minimalist wardrobe or to stop shopping, I’m asking them to put more thought into what they are purchasing to create a functioning wardrobe, one that is well curated to their suit lifestyle and individual personal style. It’s about having a wardrobe that exclusively holds clothes and accessories that add value to their wardrobe as a whole.

I understand it can sound a little overwhelming a first but it will ultimately save you time, money and it will be easier to create a variety of outfits! So before making that next purchase consider the following,

  • Do I already have something similar?
  • Will this work with other pieces in my wardrobe?
  • Can I wear this in different seasons?
  • Does this suit my personal style?
  • Do I really love it?

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